Afgelopen week ben ik met Nick op een droomvakantie naar Abu Dhabi geweest! We hebben zo weinig mogelijk gedaan en écht vakantie gehouden. Love it! Ben jij benieuwd hoe het was? Bekijk dan mijn #JOSHVLOG hierboven en mijn foto's hieronder. 

G O O D   N E W S // Especially for all the fashion lovers out there... The EIGHTEEN & NINETEEN Collection by JOSH V are on sale NOW w/discounts up to 50%!! Make sure to shop your fav items asap, because we are running out quickly!! Click on the photo to shop the sale directly! #JOSHV #JOSHVHQ #Sale

V A C A Y // It's official. We are on an island and we are going to do as little as possible. I'm always up for trying new things! Eat, sleep, work-out, swim & make-out and repeating this multiple times a day is our strict regime... Let's not get used to this too much though... #realvacation #nothingatall #relax #zen #myAbuDhabi #SaadiyatIsland

D A T E    N I G H T // Out & about w/my baby... #datenight #seaviewdinner #AbuDhabi

M O O D // I'm at the pool or the beach if you need me! #MyAbuDhabi #relax #zen

R E M I N I S C I N G // We had a lovely evening last night here in Abu Dhabi, reminiscing about 2016 and all of the things we are thankful for, the amazing things we've done and all of the exciting plans we have for the coming year... I can't wait to kick off 2017 with the love of my life next to me! Have an amazing day today and have a great NYE!! May all your wishes come true in the new year! #thankyou2016 #NYE #newbeginnings

R E S O L U T I O N S // I've been working out w/my personal trainer (and lover) Nick two times a day and I can clearly see a little muscle growing!! No? Me neither... But I feel fit (and so so sore all over), so I guess I'll just keep trying until I do #gettingfit #workingout #newyearresolutions #nopainnogain #yesthisismygymsuitfortodayandimalsowearingvalentinosneakers

H N Y // Let's make 2017 spectacular!! Health, love, happiness, quality time, perseverance and positive energy is all we need in the new year... #HNY #newbeginnings

A R A B I A N N I G H T S // This fairytale holiday is coming to an end... Our last night here in Abu Dhabi. It has been magical! #MyAbuDhabi #ArabianNights #JOSHV

Tot volgende week! 

Liefs, Josh