Afgelopen week ben ik voor een korte businesstrip naar Cyprus gevlogen! Ben jij benieuwd naar mijn week? Bekijk dan de vlog hierboven en 'My Week In Photos' hieronder!

G O I N G    P L A C E S // On our way to the airport for a trip to Cyprus. Combining business w/pleasure, so it feels like a holiday. Nick is looking supersexy frowning like he is Justin Bieber (not on purpose). #GoingPlaces #Alwaysonthego #Cyprus #Business #Holiday #Happy (klik op de foto om mijn Safira poncho direct te shoppen!)

A I R P L A N E    L I F E // When there is no Business Class on board, but there is one free seat next to you... Crawling up to my bae! #upinthesky #alleenmaarliefde #airplanemode #Transavia #Cyprus #businesstrip #smallvacay #Alwaysonthego

B E A U T I F U L   B L U E // Hello beautiful Cyprus... I can't wait to jump in the sea! Wearing the Adaline Dress (klik op de foto om deze te shoppen!) and bodycharm by JOSH V this afternoon #Businesstrip #Vacay #Cyprus #Goingplaces #JOSHV

B E A C H    R E A D Y // Enjoying the sun at the beautiful Island of Cyprus... Wearing my beachrobe and bodycharm by JOSH V (klik op de foto om mijn beachrobe te shoppen!) ! #OOTD #JOSHV #JOSHVHQ #HighSummer #Bikini #Beachready #Cyprus

S T R I K E   A   P O S E // Posing w/ Toula and her pretty daughter before the show. Toula made JOSH V so so populair in Cyprus, thank you so much! #JOSHV #Cyprus 

T R O P I C A L   F A S H I O N   S H O W  // Ik ben speciaal ingevlogen voor de JOSH V fashion show op Cyprus! De prachtige Miss Griekenland presenteerde de show in haar prachtige Adaline jurk (Klik op de foto om deze jurk direct te shoppen!) #JOSHV #Cyprus

D O N ' T   J U S T   S H O W   U P ,   M A K E   A P P E A R A N C E S // Voordat de show begon vertelde ik kort over de collectie en de laatste trends van deze zomer! Let the show begin! #JOSHV 

S E V E N T E E N    C O L L E C T I O N    L O O K B O O K  // After the show everyone was checking out the JOSH V SEVENTEEN lookbook #JOSHV #Cyprus #somuchlove

L O V E  //  Always on my side... #JOSHV #Cyprus 

C Y P R U S   G I R L    S Q U A D // Thank you Cyprus & my dear friends, for the amazing time in Cyprus! I am so happy and thankful!! There is much more to come! Until then, just go to Toula, who has as much passion for JOSH V as I do #JOSHV #Cyprus #somuchlove (klik op de foto om de SEVENTEEN collectie te shoppen!) 

D I N N E R   &   D R I N K S // The JOSH V Fashionshow was great!! It's so amazing to see the whole Island loves JOSH V. I've met so many wonderful ladies who have been wearing my collections since we started selling it on Cyprus years ago. You are so wonderful and I can't wait to be back... #JOSHV #Cyprus

Together with the lovely Toula in her shop #JOSHV #Cyprus

J O S H   V   L O V E R  //  Meeting my nr. 1 fan from Cyprus: Maria #JOSHV #Cyprus 

S W E E T   M A R I A  // Maria heeft deze prachtige poster voor mij gemaakt! #JOSHV #Cyprus

B E A C H   P L E A S E  // Enjoying the sun wearing my favorite JOSH V Noella dress! (Klik op de foto om deze te shoppen!) #JOSHV #Cyprus #beachplease

B U S I N E S S   M E E T S   P L E A S U R E //  After work it's time to relax before going back to Amsterdam! #JOSHV #JOSHVHQ #spatime

Z E N  // I'm so relaxed right now! #GoingPlaces

A I R P L A N E   L I F E // Cyprus was GREAT. Flying back to Amsterdam w/my love - happy like this. His whole body to lean on is all I need #Businesstrip #Cyprus #SmallVacay #Kisses #Airplaneselfie #Airplanelife #Goingplaces #Happy

 C A S U A L   W E D N E S D A Y // Wearing @JOSHVHQ's boyfriend denim 'Phyllis', 'Healy' heels, 'Lizzy' bag and 'Charla' blouse! (I know, my blouse is sold out, sorry for that but new stock is coming in soon!) #OOTD #JOSHV #JOSHVHQ #Officelife #GettingThingsDone #Workworkworkworkwork (Klik op de foto om mijn broek direct te shoppen!) 

Tot volgende week! 

Liefs, Josh