Secure payment

Secure payment

The ‘E-commerce Europe’ guarantees that you shop secure and reliable at JOSH V.  All orders can be completed by means of several payment possibilities.


✓ Mastercard / VISA / American Express / Diner's Club International / Discover 

Payment can be made on the basis of the data printed on the credit card involved. The data stated on the credit card consist of: The credit card number (consisting of 13 to 16 numbers), the expiry date and the validation code (consisting of three numbers that are indicated on the right side of the signature area).


✓ PayPal

By means of connecting a bank account to a PayPal account, an order can be paid completely secure and also free of charge. PayPal can be used to make payments both domestic and abroad.


✓ iDeal

This payment method is only possible for orders within the Netherlands. iDeal allows you to immediately complete the payment with the bank during the ordering process. Payment is made within the familiar online payment environment based on specific security methods of the bank. 


✓ Klarna

This payment method allows for orders to be paid afterwards in a secure manner. This payment is possible up to 14 days after an order has been placed. Based on personal data, Klarna determines whether the right criteria are being met in order to make use of this payment method. Klarna performs this data control based on a privacy statement.

In order to be able to verify sufficient means on payment cards, a standard pre-authorisation is performed the moment an order is confirmed. As long as this check has not been completed, the articles will not be sent. The invoice will be sent once the order is accepted. Payment can then be made through the supplied link or through My Klarna.

Click here for all information related to Klarna -> Klarna.


✓ SofortBanking

With SofortBanking you can use your own online banking login details – convenient and secure. Thanks to the transaction confirmation your order can be processed immediately.


✓ MisterCash

Payment through MisterCash can be compared to payment by means of a credit card. For the payment through MisterCash, a card number and the expiry data of the MisterCash payment card is required. Online payment with MisterCash is quick and very secure. The payment process is completed within a few seconds and the amount paid will be directly deducted from the bank account involved.  


✓ Giropay

This method of payment is only possible for orders that are placed within Germany. In the ordering process you will be linked to your chosen bank to finalize the payment. Within the payment process you will have to undergo specific security methods to enable safe payment. 


✓ Dotpay

This payment method is only possible for orders that are placed withing Poland. Dotpay is a Polish payment service provider that facilitates the payment method of all local banks. 


✓ Finnish E-Banking

E-Banking can only be used for order placed within Finland. Choosing this payment method allows you to pay invoices to foreign recipients easily and securely. Note: to complete the payment transaction, you have to acquire an e-Banking identifier.