Frequently asked questions


Why am I not able to login with my account?
At all times it is necessary to login with the correct information. This concerns a personal username with a password. If these two do not match, it is obviously not possible to login.  

Are sold-out articles replenished yet?
There is a possibility that items are replenished after some time has passed. This is depending on the demand and the supply. It is therefore advisable to keep a close eye on both the JOSH V webshop and all JOSH V social media.

All prices in the webshop are including VAT.


How can I place an order?
Articles can be ordered by selecting the items concerned and to add these to the shopping cart. It is important to clearly indicate the right colour and the right size. An overview of your orders can be obtained by opening the shopping cart. The order can be confirmed both with and without (customer) registration if all data are filled in correctly. As soon as the order is finalised, an email will be send regarding the confirmation of the order. 

Can I also order without an account?
It is definitely possible to place an order by means of a one-time registration. However, it is strongly recommended to create an account prior to placing an order. This simplifies the course of ordering in the future. 

How can I alter / cancel my order?
Once your order has been placed, it's not possible to alter or cancel it.

How do I know whether my order has been successfully processed?
As soon as an order is definitely confirmed and also has been paid, an order confirmation will be sent by email. The order confirmation is an overview of the order as known in the system and will be sent within 24 hours. Should this not be the case, an email must be sent to: [email protected].

How can I find my correct size?
Do you have any doubts about the correct size? Solicit the help of Beau, our virtual styling assistant. You are able to find Beau on the page of every product. Go to the size & fit assistance page for more information about this size tool.


How can I pay for my order?
The ‘Ecommerce Europe’ guarantees that you shop secure and reliable at JOSH V. All orders can be completed on the basis of several payment methods:

* MasterCard/Visa
* PayPal
* Gift Card

My discount code doesn't work. What should I do?
If your discount code is not working. Please make sure you have checked the following questions.

1. Is the discount code still valid?
2. Is the discount code that I'm using valid on the items in your shopping cart?
3. Did you enter the discount code grammatically correct?
4. Have you entered the discount code in the right place? There are two possibilities in the shopping cart:

*Discount code: this is where you enter your discount code.
*Gift Cards: this is where you enter your Gift Card code.


When can I expect my order?
Placed orders will be shipped within only one business day. You will receive an e-mail containing the track and trace code when your order leaves our warehouse. By using this code you are able to follow the shipment process of this specific order. Your package will be delivered within 2 business days after receiving your order confirmation by e-mail.

How much are the shipping costs?
The shipping costs can differ per order. You can find the prices for the UK below:

0-2kg    €6,12

2-5kg    €8,53

5-10kg  €8,72

In which way will my order be delivered?
All JOSH V orders are delivered by GLS. Small orders will be delivered through so-called ‘letterbox mail’ and larger orders (or large articles) will be delivered by means of the package service. For the package service someone has to be at home in order to receive the package. When no one is home to receive the package, the package will be delivered with the neighbours or a ‘not at home’ message will be left behind by the package service. A ‘not at home’ message can be used to indicate when the package can be delivered again. 

Can I track the status of my order?
The moment a placed order is actually sent, an email will be automatically sent stating a track and trace code. By means of this code it is possible to track the status of the order concerned through the website of GLS.


How do I prevent an exchange or return?
Here at JOSH V, we do whatever we can to prevent returns as much as possible. We recommend you to make use of the following tools:

Video and photos 
Product text – Bulletpoints – Additional product information
Size tool (for more information about this tool, have a look at our page “size & fit assistance”) 

Is it possible to return an article?
If purchases do not meet the expectations, it is possible to return articles within 21 days. This also applies for discounted articles. The returned articles must be unworn, undamaged and, if reasonably possible, with the labels attached.

How can I return an article?
You can send us your package via a postal delivery point! Stick the address on your return package so it is clearly visible. Make sure your own address is no longer visible to avoid confusion.

If you hand in your package at a postal delivery point, we advise you to hold on to the receipt with Track & Trace code until your return shipment has been processed.

Will costs be charged for returning an article?
Packages must be returned at your own expense. These costs differ for each country and for each package.

Within which period of time can I return an article?
Articles can be returned within 21 days after receipt of the order. When it is not possible to send the articles back within the period of time mentioned above, the return shipment can be reported through: [email protected]

The legal warranty rules and terms apply to all articles. The legal warranty means that a product must do what can be reasonably expected of it. For the products of JOSH V this means that for all articles, provided that the washing instructions and the proper care have been complied with, it must be possible to wear them for at least one year. JOSH V is not responsible for damage to articles that has arisen during the return shipment. It is strongly recommended to send the article back in the original packaging in order to avoid damage to the articles.

Is it possible to exchange an article for a different colour and/or size?
The most efficient way to exchange an article is to return the item concerned and to then order the right size and colour again through the JOSH V webshop. 

Within which term will my return shipment be processed?
As soon as we receive your return shipment, it will be treated and processed no later than five business days.

Within which term can I expect the purchase amount back on my account?
As soon as the returned articles have been received, JOSH V will send an automatic email including a confirmation of receipt. The articles will be carefully checked for the status they must meet before refunding takes place. Then the return shipment will be systematically processed as soon as possible, resulting in a refund of the purchase amount within five business days into the account concerned.

Is it possible to return an article through a retail outlet or vice versa?
No, articles that are ordered through the official JOSH V webshop can only be returned to the international mail address. The JOSH V retail outlets will not accept these items. Also, articles bought in a store may only be returned to these outlets. Purchases made in one of the JOSH V outlets can systematically not be processed at the head office of JOSH V.