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JOSH V Luxury Society

How does the JOSH V Society work?

By creating a JOSH V account, you automatically become a member of the JOSH V Society. In your JOSH V account, you can see how many JV Luxury Credits you have saved and which Luxury Level you are currently in. Additionally, you can redeem your JV Luxury Credits for (limited edition) products, attractive discounts, or tickets to exclusive events.

What are the Luxury Levels and how do I qualify for them?

There are three Luxury Levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Your placement in a Luxury Level depends on all your purchases made within the last 12 months. Returns and payments made with gift cards are not included in the calculation.

What are the benefits per Luxury Level?

Silver (up to €249):

  • Exclusive perks

  • Member deals

  • Birthday gift

Gold (€250 to €749):

  • Exclusive perks

  • Member deals

  • Birthday gift

  • Special events

  • Exclusive rewards

Platinum (more than €750):

  • Exclusive perks

  • Member deals

  • Birthday gift

  • Special events

  • Exclusive rewards

  • Early access to special event ticket sales

  • Early access to the sale

How does saving for JV Luxury Credits work?

Every €1.00 spent is equivalent to 10 JV Luxury Credits. You can save credits through the following methods:

  • Creating a JOSH V Account.

  • Making a purchase on JOSHV.com.

  • Following us on social media.

  • Signing up for the JOSH V newsletter.

  • Referring a friend to us.

Please note that JV Luxury Credits will be awarded once the legal return period has expired.

Will the JV Luxury Credits automatically be added to my JOSH V account?

Yes, the JV Luxury Credits are automatically added to your account when you place an order using the same email address linked to your JOSH V account.

Why aren’t my past purchases included in my credit balance?

The JOSH V Society was introduced on April 12, 2021. If you had an existing JOSH V account on this date, you began saving JV Luxury Credits from that day forward. Any purchases made before April 12, 2021 do not contribute to your JV Luxury Credits.

I have completed several tasks in my JOSH V account, but I have not been awarded any JV Luxury Credits. How is this possible?

Always click on “complete activity” to finalize the task The credits will then be awarded to you right away. If the credit balance is not updated immediately, we recommend refreshing the page. This way, the credit balance will be adjusted.

Please note that not all tasks grant JV Luxury Credits. Therefore, please read the information carefully that appears on the pop-up screen once you have marked the action as completed.

When can I enjoy early access to the sale?

You will have early access to the sale when you are a platinum member. Early access is granted during the following sale phases: Start sale, start 50% sale, and the final sale.

Is it possible to return a reward?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel or return a reward order. Once you have placed your reward order and the credit balance has been adjusted, the purchase is final.

How long are my JV Luxury Credits valid for?

From the moment you receive the JV Luxury Credits, they are valid for 12 months.

What are the benefits of having a JOSH V account?

Creating a JOSH V account will have you enjoy a more personalized and rewarding shopping experience.

Quick checkout
With a JOSH V account, you can easily and quickly complete your orders without having to enter your information every time.

Purchase history
Your account provides a clear overview of all your past purchases, allowing you to track your orders and review your shopping history.

JOSH V Society membership
By creating an account, you become a part of the JOSH V Society, which may grant you access to exclusive perks, offers and events.

JV Luxury Credits
Within your JOSH V account, you can see how many JV Luxury Credits you have saved and which Luxury Level you are currently in. These credits can be redeemed for limited edition products, attractive discounts or tickets to exclusive events.

Where can I change my account information?

You can easily change your account information by logging into your JOSH V account.

Your name, email address and date of birth can be modified under the section “Your account information” and your address details and phone number under the section “Your address book.”