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The brand JOSH V

‘’I want to make women look and feel spectacular’’ – Josh Veldhuizen

The Dutch fashion and lifestyle label JOSH V was founded in 2011 by fashion designer Josh Veldhuizen. The brand is known for its stylish collections that empower women. JOSH V’s mission is to “make women look and feel spectacular,” with a focus on diversity, body positivity, and sustainability. JOSH V offers exclusive collections of clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, and home items of high quality at a commercial price point. In doing so, JOSH V bridges the gap between high-end and mainstream fashion in the Dutch fashion industry.

JOSH V collections are characterized by the use of premium materials and in-house designed patterns, prints, and branded buttons. The brand and its collections are renowned for their flattering yet comfortable fit and distinctive use of natural tones. JOSH V is sold in over 400 Partner Stores, and its collections are available in nine European countries. The collections can also be purchased through JOSHV.com and partner websites, including de Bijenkorf and Wehkamp.

Own designs

At JOSH V, unique and recognizable designs are created, focusing on the diverse shapes and sizes of the female body. The clothing items are made for and by women and are available in sizes ranging from 2XS to 2XL. During the design phase, comfort is optimized without compromising on the design. Where possible, materials with (extra) stretch are chosen, or features like zippers or elastic bands are added – such as in the waistband of trousers or the sides of tops – to provide the best fit for different body shapes and cup sizes. The collections are designed to be endlessly combinable with other items from current or previous collections. JOSH V stands for feminine chic and offers a timeless and luxurious look & feel that makes women feel special.


JOSH V is an ambitious and innovative fashion brand that has gained a strong position in the market. With four main collections per year, released in multiple drops, JOSH V responds to the latest fashion and lifestyle trends. Thanks to high-quality collections, a data-driven strategy, cross-media marketing campaigns, excellent customer service, and the use of cutting-edge technologies, JOSH V has evolved into an all-encompassing luxury lifestyle brand, both nationally and internationally. In the realm of online marketing and social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest, JOSH V has been at the forefront for years. Through Josh’s weekly vlog on her YouTube channel, followers get a behind-the-scenes look into Josh’s life and her business. Additionally, over a hundred thousand JOSH V subscribers receive weekly newsletters in their inboxes featuring the latest fashion trends and inspiration.


As a lifestyle brand, JOSH V designs clothing collections with attention to people, the environment, and animals. The brand achieves this by using more sustainable materials, providing transparency in the supply chain, improving working conditions, continuously delivering more sustainable products, and promoting circularity. Learn more about sustainability at JOSH V on JOSHV.com/duurzaamheidspagina.

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About founder & CEO Josh Veldhuizen

Josh Veldhuizen is an entrepreneur, CEO of the fashion and lifestyle label JOSH V, YouTuber, and fashion designer. In 2011, at the age of 23, after a successful modeling career, she founded the Amsterdam-based fashion label JOSH V. To give her brand national recognition, Josh developed the RTL reality documentary ‘Fashion Girls With a Mission,’ in which she launched the brand and its very first collection on a grand scale.

Since then, the JOSH V brand has grown into a (inter)national million-dollar empire. Josh knows firsthand how to build a strong brand and how to think outside the box as an entrepreneur. With high-quality collections that have a luxury look & feel but are priced more commercially, Josh has developed a successful formula with JOSH V that has set her apart in the competitive fashion industry for years.

Josh’s mission with JOSH V is to “make all women look & feel spectacular,” with body positivity, diversity, and sustainability being important pillars. On the sustainability front, JOSH V is committed to ambitious goals.