Exchange & Return

Here at JOSH V, we do whatever we can to prevent this as much as possible. To avoid the return of products, we recommend you to make use of the following tools:

Video and photos 
All videos and photos are taken and selected with a great deal of care. Have a proper look at every photo and video to absorb all the product information.
Product text – Bulletpoints – Additional product information

All the additional information can be found under the points mentioned above. The text is composed with the utmost care and provides a complete image of the product.

Do you have any doubts about the correct size? Solicit the help of Beau, our virtual styling assistant. You are able to find Beau on the page of every product. Go to the size & fit assistance page for more information about this size tool.

Do you still need to return an item despite all the tools mentioned? This is not a problem at JOSH V. We are obviously more than willing to help you along in that process. Our warranty rules are listed below and you will also find a convenient step-by-step plan providing a clear overview of the process of returning any products.  

-  14 day return policy

Articles can be returned within 14 days after receipt of the order. When it is not possible to send the articles back within the period of time mentioned above, you can report the return shipment through webstore@joshv.com. This provides an additional week to still return the package. This also applies to discounted articles. All articles must be returned unworn, undamaged and, insofar reasonably possible, with the labels attached.

-  Costs for return shipments

The costs for return shipments are at the expense of the sender. In order to pay local shipment costs it is essential to send the package back to the local return address. In case you haven't received the address or lost it, an e-mail can be send to webstore@joshv.com for more information regarding the local return address. 

The international return address mentioned on the enclosed return form can be used for the return shipment. In case the form is not included, it can also be downloaded on the website through https://joshv.com/eu/returnform. We kindly request to send this model form with the return shipments so the service and products of JOSH V can be continuously improved. 
Important note: using the international return address will include additional costs! 

-  Keep your receipt!

We strongly recommend to always keep the receipt for the return shipments until the return shipment is successfully completed. A return shipment is successfully completed as soon as the purchase amount is refunded into the bank account involved. JOSH V is not responsible for packages that are lost in the mail without proof of shipping.

-  We send a confirmation

As soon as the returned articles are received, JOSH V will send an automatic email stating a confirmation of receipt. The articles will be carefully checked for the status they must meet, prior to the execution of refunding. Then the return shipment will be systematically processed as soon as possible so the purchase amount will be transferred as soon as possible, no later than within 14 days after cancellation, into the bank account involved. You must contact the JOSH V customer service when a return shipment is not processed with the abovementioned period of time. Keep the proof of shipping for the return shipment within reach.

The most efficient way to exchange an article is to return the item concerned and then to order the right size and colour again through the JOSH V webshop. It is also not possible to return articles ordered in the webshop in a retail outlet, and vice versa. Purchases made in one of the JOSH V outlets can not be systematically processed at JOSH V HQ.

The legal warranty rules and terms apply to all articles. The legal warranty means that a product must do what can be expected of it in all reasonableness. For the products of JOSH V this means that all articles, provided that the washing instructions and the proper care has been complied with, can be worn for at least one year. JOSH V is not responsible for damage to articles arisen during the return shipment. We recommend returning the article in the original packaging in order to prevent damage to the articles.